Linus Ekenstam

I'm a Product/Experience Designer and Entrepreneur living in the Barcelona, Spain. Recently I was working at Typeform, Designing systems, and making web forms a little bit more human.

I have a passion for designing, building and executing products from start to finish. I have a variety of skills including but not limited to product design, product management, UX/UI Design, business development.

"A prototype is worth more than 1000 meetings"
—saying at @ideo


A little more human -

2015 - 2017, Working as Experience/Product Designer at Typeform in Barcelona, Spain. Building Design Systems, and advocating a more human touch, with stories and empathy at the center of everything.

Teaching kids how to code -

2016 - Ongoing, co-founded Kids Hack Club, together with Jennie Dalgren. Currently operating in and outside of Barcelona, Spain. We focus on getting kids into STE(A)M based learning, including (A) Arts, programming is for everyone. They start from age 4 and we have classes up to they are 15 years.

Copygram -

2012 - 2016, Using my experience in designing websites for clients, Me and a friend started working on this website when Instagram still where in the cradle, we grew quickly and still today the Grid

Ladda Portable Energy -

2014 - 2015, Since all the portable battery packs out there where so ugly, we decided to make our own, the first product we launched was the Ladda X1.

WeAreSuperFamous -

2006 - 2016, WeAreSuperFamous was my first ever project which I started in 2006. It covers technology, design and photography. The site has a loyal following every month.

Clients & Customers

Winternet, Copygram, Klustr, Yamba, Heywood & Sons, Grafika.


I'm always interested in working on new projects or startups whether it be for cash or equity. I'm also interested in new ideas and startups. Email me if you would like to work together.

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